Thursday, December 6, 2012

Final Thoughts

Drawing 1 was a new experience for me because I did not know there was a class dedicated to only lines.  I also never knew that there was so many different ways to draw a line.  Being in drawing one has helped me not only draw a straight line but also with the different values that could be implies and used in a line.  Over the semester I have learned a whole lot about not just lines but also the composition of a piece of work and the difference between negative and positive spacing and how it can work well in a piece of art work.  At the beginning of drawing 1 class I thought that I was going to be simple because drawing lines are simple but, it was more to that.  We had projects were we had to draw lines according to where the light was hitting it.  At first we started off by using the ruler.  I did not really like it at first because to me it makes things slower and takes a much longer time.  As the class progressed on I realized that when you use a ruler your art work comes out much more crisper than by free handing it.  Doing the still life drawings in class was the easiest part for me because I was use to them and I really enjoyed doing them in the class because we use different line techniques.  When we got to the middle of the semester went into contour line work.  I think that was one of my favorite things to do because we got to try using different materials.  My favorite was the ink and water color.  At the end of the semester we did these kind of drawings called finished to unfinished.   That project was changeling at times because we had to make the foreground stand out more than the background using lines weight variations.  After we worked on it a couple of times I got used to it and it became much easier for me.  This class has been easy and very understandable for me.  I have learned a lot about what I can do with just a line.  

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  1. Monique, it has been wonderful working with you over the semester. You improved a lot throughout the course.

    Thanks for your constructive feedback. Who knew you could so so much with just one line?! Enjoy your break, rest up, and good luck with your studies next semester!